Copyediting: Challenges and Complexities

Note: the content of this book was originally the training course Advanced Copy-editing, run by the Publishing Training Centre (2009–2019). If you attended that course, you will NOT need to buy this book.

The book presumes a certain level of knowledge and experience, and is not for beginners; if you are new to copyediting, my Copy-editing: A Guide for Proofreaders
is more suitable for you.

Who is this book for?
  • copyeditors who have some years of experience but who lack confidence
    when faced with more difficult jobs
  • copyeditors who are not quite sure how to tackle work that lacks structure
    or that contains problems of clarity and consistency
What does the book contain?
  • discussion of the relationship of copyeditors with publishers, readers, authors and typesetters
  • a methodology for approaching multi-author works
  • practice in presenting data more accessibly as a table than as text full of statistics
  • applying existing knowledge and skill when faced with complex technical copy in an unfamiliar subject
  • assigning structure to an unstructured piece for the benefit of a particular readership
  • tips and techniques for working with non-native English speakers
  • what to bear in mind when updating a publication for a new edition
  • rectifying problematic sentences and howlers – helping the author to get it right

To order a copy (price £25 as a download from Dropbox: CIEP members are entitled to a £5 discount), please contact me directly: